Our history

The Softemy IT school was founded by Ametras Romania, an outsourcing company with more than 10 years of experience in providing Enterprise solutions for leading companies in more than seven industries. Due to their extensive experience in the IT field, the Ametras team has expanded its activities towards creating a program of technology related courses. Softemy IT school is focused on a qualitative approach towards the learning process, and the furthering of programming knowledge. Softemy is for those who like to solve problems, think pragmatically and whose vision can be integrated into the IT world – people who would like to change their career paths, or even those who would just like to learn new techniques because they feel connected to this field.

Our first year

This year we’re celebrating a successful first year of Softemy IT school and we’d like to thank all of the participants and trainers for making this possible. In this past year we’ve organized 3 different courses (and we can’t wait to organize the next ones) which had a total of 16 participants. With two project presentation sessions at the end of the courses, eight of the participants have presented and finalized their course. Going back to the trainers, we would like to thank them for the great year, as none of this would have been possible without them.

Moreover, in one year of Softemy we’ve accomplished – or rather, our participants have accomplished – the fact that some of the participants have been hired in their field of study. Some have been welcomed into our teams at Ametras, and some other Ametras team members have followed the path of professional reconversion and are now working in IT at Ametras . We would like to wish them all the best, and for their dream careers to come true.

Follow your dream (job) with us

If you’d like to be part of our wonderful Softemy family, or even part of Ametras check out the courses right here: https://softemy.ro/#cursuri

Here’s to many more years and courses together!