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Ametras Romania is a growing software company with offices in Timisoara and in Arad. Together with its partners it creates customer-focused solutions, helping companies of all sizes and industries optimize their business processes and thus develop successfully in the market.

Project description: Softemy by Ametras is dedicated to people with pragmatic thinking, whose vision can be integrated into the IT world.

This is the kind of person we are looking for:

• You have a logical thinking and inclination towards IT.
• You are curious and passionate about technology.
• You want a job in the field.
• You want a professional conversion.
• You are familiar with a certain technology and want to deepen it.

You don`t have enough knowledge to apply as a junior developer, but have some knowledge and interest in the field. You can become a data operator in our company and in the meantime show us during a Softemy class that you have what it takes to start to code. Choose one of the classes at All classes are in person, in our Ametras offices in Arad and Timișoara.

Here's what this job entails (until you learn to code):

• You select, check and enter data in English/German using some apps.
• You make various additions/changes to the data extracted from the documents.
• You manually enter the missing data.
• You correct the data entered.
• You validate the data extracted from the documents.

How will you be motivated:

• You will work in a pleasant and relaxed environment.
• You will be part of a young, enthusiastic and competitive team.
• You will be provided with all the tools you need.
• You will be trained by experts.
• You have the possibility to work from home after the initial training.

This is your chance to become a software developer, it only depends on you. If you want to change your career path, or you feel connected to this field and you want to learn its techniques, this is the perfect spot for you!!

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