Learn with Softemy by Ametras

Ametras Romania is an outsourcing company with more than 10 years of experience in providing Enterprise solutions for leading companies across more than seven industries.
Considering their well known experience in the field of IT, the Ametras team expanded its forces in creating a program of technology courses. Thus, the foundations of the Softemy IT school were oriented towards the quality of the learning process and furthering programming knowledge.

To whom the courses are adressed

Softemy by Ametras is dedicated to people with pragmatic thinking, whose vision can be integrated into the IT world. If you want to change your career path, or you feel connected to this field and you want to learn its techniques, Softemy courses are the right starting point.

The Softemy Courses

The Softemy by Ametras Courses are dedicated to both beginners and people who have had contact with the IT industry. These courses are flexible so you can start the learning process at any point.

The IT courses, that are provided live, are:

  • The FrontEnd Course (JavaScript & Vue.JS) – in Timișoara;
  • The Software Testing Course – in Timișoara;
  • The FrontEnd Course (TypeScript & React) – in Arad; The Java Course – in Timișoara.



Taking into consideration that each course is divided into modules, flexibility is guaranteed. In this way, you can enroll at any stage. The same rule applies if you would like to stop after a certain module.

The quality of the courses

Each course group is made out of 4-6 students, in order to maintain the focus on the quality of learning materials and methods. At Softemy by Ametras, the trainers make sure that all your knowledge has been successfully taught to you and give you all the attention you need in order to learn logically.

Specialized trainers

Speaking of trainers, the Softemy trainers are specialists that currently activate in the IT field. This is very important especially because, in addition to the theoretical part, it is essential to discover how these technologies are applied at the moment. Thus, through our specialized trainers, you can connect to the current techniques.

Direct access to the jobs

Softemy by Ametras is a pilot project of Ametras Romania, a recognized software development company. This way, Course Graduates can become potential candidates for jobs in the company, if they find it suitable.


Besides the benefits of the courses there are also many advantages:

  • The enrollment process is easy;
  • The prices are affordable;
  • The learning materials contain the latest information;
  • All of these material will be taught logically;
  • The trainers will focus on each student;
  • And everything will be done with lots of professionalism.

The Enrollment Process

Step 1: Pre-registration checklist:

  • Logical thinking;
  • Conversational English skills;
  • Available time to invest in studying materials.

Step 2: Complete this form;

Step 3: A Softemy by Ametras representative will contact you.

It’s that easy.

Find all the information you need about Softemy by Ametras courses right here: softemy.ro.