Our projects

Ametras Romania, as part of the AMETRAS Group, is an outsourcing company with lots of experience in providing Enterprise solutions. We contribute to the development of tens of projects that change the way things are done today. The main areas we are working on are Software Development, Document management and Helpdesk outsourcing.

Software Development

This is our core activity in Ametras Romania as we are committed to continuously growing the  technical expertise of our team. Our ability to shift between frameworks and prioritize between the challenges we come across 7+ industries is what makes us competitive and adaptable at the same time.  

The industries we work with are Automotive, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT Consulting, Public Administration and we provide services like Custom software development, Maintenance, Quality testing, Consultancy. In order to deliver these services we use technologies like AngularJS, Java, JavaScript, React, Spring and many more.

Document management

Ametras documents GmbH, our parent company in Germany implements software solutions for document management. The team installs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and digital archiving solutions to digitize documents automatically. We help them check and index manually the information that cannot be read automatically. 

We work with Invoices, Orders, Order confirmations, Insurance policies from Banking, Fintech, Insurance or Retail. Our main clients are based in Germany in proportion of 70% and in USA in proportion of 25% and the rest of 5% are from all over the globe.

Helpdesk outsourcing

We provide multilingual, 24/7 technical support and consultancy services for companies in the Automotive industry. We also provide Email support, Phone support, Ticketing and Database management by using ERP systems, Java, DBeaver/ DbVisualizer, Jira, RD, OTRS, D.3 Client, D.3 Capture Batch, NVU HTML, and so many more.

The jobs

We gather the polymaths, the creative and the passionate people who are committed to providing high quality solutions that solve complex problems for companies all around the world. More precisely, we already gathered 85 team members. Come and meet them and you will find:

  • A dynamic, open-minded, and energetic team from all over the globe, with lots of creativity and teamwork;
  • Exciting and challenging projects with the latest technologies from well-known national and international clients;
  • Excellent opportunities for professional and personal development High levels of personal responsibility, and a great deal of creative freedom;
  • Possibilities for part-time home office and/or flexible work time models.

We are always looking for ways to expand our collective expertise, so here (link to careers page) are some of the opportunities available in our team, either you’re a java/iOS/drupal/php/android Developer.

How can you become part of Ametras Romania?

You can become part of Ametras Romania team by simply checking out our Careers page (link to the page) and sending your CV or directly applying through on our Linkedin page.

On the other hand, if you’re just starting out your career path or want to reorient yourself to a career in IT, a great first step would be to participate in our SoftemybyAmetras courses. In this way you’ll have direct access to the jobs. You can find all of these courses here.

For further information you can check our website (link to home page), Facebook page, Instagram account or Linkedin page.