Besides the professional aspects, Ametras Romania means friendships, loyalty and passion. The average membership of the company is six years of the over 80 Ametras employees. We manage to keep our team united because we always follow not only the evolution of the team, but most importantly the individual evolution of each one and help them to develop. We also have a flat hierarchy structure or a low degree of hierarchy in order to provide our employees the opportunity to bypass and challenge authority, so the roles aren’t strictly defined. We enjoy organizing Christmas Parties, Summer Parties, IT Workshops, Annual Team Buildings or just Ad-hoc barbeques in the courtyard of our headquarter. 

We look forward to new talents who will support us in our claim to be an innovative partner and source of inspiration for our customers. We welcome professionals, beginners and career changers. 

What is Ametras

AMETRAS has been active, for almost 40 years, in strong and promising sectors like furniture trade, steel and metal trade, construction machinery and automotive parts trade, with BI applications or with supply chain solutions in the logistics environment. The main customers of Ametras are among the big players in their market. In addition to a wide range of software solutions for industry professionals and the classic system house business, AMETRAS also offers extensive services relating to IT infrastructure and cloud computing as an IT managed services partner. The AMETRAS Group is represented with eight locations in Germany, Romania, the USA and Canada. More than 220 employees are involved in development, consulting and technology, in sales, service and support as well as administration. What unites the AMETRAS family is our enthusiasm for innovative IT, enthusiasm which our customers experience every day. 

Ametras Romania

Ametras Romania is an outsourcing company with more than 10 years of experience in providing Enterprise solutions for leading companies across more than seven industries. We are part of the AMETRAS Group and we take pride in delivering highly competitive custom software solutions, document management and helpdesk outsourcing services.

The beginnings of Ametras Romania trace back in 2011  with a first office in Timișoara. A small, yet highly committed team believed in the possibility of providing value to our customers while growing a strong team in a healthy organizational culture. Today we know that this is a dream come true.

“We embarked on this journey knowing that there’s a high potential for excellence in our community. And we chose to provide a space that nurtures learning and growth across all stages of career development. There are great teams all around the world and ours is one of them. Ever since 2011, we kept our promise to keep both our team and our customers happy.”

—Paul Kosan, Ametras Romania Founder

Our values

The user is the benchmark for IT success, but our motivation and our people are the measure of all things. We think and act openly, team-oriented and modern. We believe in continuous growth, both team and personal wins and in transparent communication. But these are only a few values that recommend us.

Ametras Romania is all about continuous growth. Even if we’re talking about software development or personal development, working with us means lots of opportunities for professional and personal growth.

On the other hand, one of the most important elements making us who we are is the Ametras Romania team: a dynamic, open-minded, and energetic team from all over the globe. We believe that combining team wins and personal wins is a must. 

Regarding communication, we think that sometimes less is more, but not with communication. We believe that more communication is more and we encourage transparency and bonding too. 

The dynamic of organizational culture in Ametras Romania

For us, our team members are more than just personnel numbers – their ideas and commitment are the basis for our mutual success. We like to be flexible, innovative and to have attention to details.

Stability is what recommends us, but this doesn’t mean we are not flexible. Flexibility at work is an advantage that we guarantee. Whether our team likes working from home or in an office there are always possibilities for part-time home office or flexible work time models.

It is also very important to work on the development of tomorrow’s technology. Being part of Ametras Romania means embracing innovation. By working for a customer that develops pioneering digital solutions our team members integrate themselves in a future-proof and exciting industry, the life sciences industry.

Working with us also means working with exciting and challenging projects with the latest technologies from well-known national and international clients. This is what we do and what we love. But what is also extremely important for us is attention to details. Each and every project is special and needs our attention.

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