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Software Development

This is our core activity in Ametras Romania as we are committed to continuously growing the technical expertise of our team. Our ability to shift between frameworks and prioritize between the challenges we come across in 7+ industries is what makes us competitive and adaptable at the same time.

Our Service Models

Software Development Staff Augmentation icon

Staff Augmentation

Our teams are comprised of high skilled experts in a wide range of technologies and they fully integrate with our clients' teams and workflows.

Software Development Dedicated Teams icon

Dedicated Development Teams

Based on specific needs, we provide our clients with the right mix of expertise to fill larger gaps in their development process. We integrate teams of experts into the most complex setups.

Software Development Projects icon

Managed Project

Our clients can focus on the growing their business and while our developers and experts take the lead on all the technical aspects.

Software Development Hire and Train icon

Hire & Train

We have access to a pool of highly talented pool of junior software developers through our own tech academy, Softemy by Ametras. They are more than eager to learn new things and join new development projects like yours.

Our Expertise Across Industries

What Our Customers Say About Us

  • We chose Ametras for high quality services, great response times and an open, collaborative culture; together we added value to our collaboration by choosing to improve our own internal processes with the support of the Ametras team.
    Sunil Shamlal
    CEO, Horizon Industries
  • Besides the great multilingual skills and proactive approach to handling customer care, the team is highly reliable and easy to work with.
    Patrick Veit
    Head of Support, remoso GmbH
  • It’s easy to build on a vision when you can rely on a strong partnership. The professionalism and proficiency of the Ametras team, as well as their friendly approach to collaborating across teams is what makes our partnership grow stronger each year.
    Albert Huber
    CEO, umwerk GmbH

Document Management

Ametras Documents GmbH, our parent company in Germany implements software solutions for document management. The team installs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and digital archiving solutions to digitize documents automatically. We help them check and index manually the information that cannot be read automatically.


Building Archives for a Better Tomorrow

Our parent company, Ametras documents GmbH implements software solutions for document management. Our colleagues use Optical Character Recognition and digital archiving solutions to automatically digitize documents. Our team helps in the process of analyzing and manually indexing the information that is incompatible with the software. Our platform is industry-agnostic, supporting companies in Banking, Fintech, Insurance and Retail to share documents easier, faster and safer.

Document Management Invoices icon

24-hour processing time

Document Management Orders icon

30-minute processing time

Document Management Order Confirmation icon
Order Confirmations

24-hour processing time

Document Management Insurance Policies icon
Insurance policies

24-hour processing time

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We provide multilingual, 24/7 technical support and consulting services for companies in the Automotive industry.

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