Banking and Finance

Goodbye project! Hello, purpose.

Software development for the banking industry

The project's purpose is to facilitate the creation and distribution of legal documents that are needed by investment funds to comply with state regulation. The application handles the proper creation of documents, according with legal regulation, the distribution of those documents to various legal authorities, and ensures a proper separation of responsibilities between the bank users that have access to the application.

Technologies used: AWS Infrastructure, Vue.js, AWS Lambda, Python, Java-based microservices

  • Other tools: WebStorm, PyCharm & IntelliJ, GIT, JFrog, AWS Developer Tools
  • Development methodology: Scrum

Banking Application


We help create a banking app, allowing users to monitor activity of investment portfolio managers and to track the performance of their investments.

Technologies used: Backend: REST API microservices developed in Java & Spring. Reactive programming with Spring Reactor. Additional technologies: PostgreSql, Jpa; Docker; testing with JUnit, Cucumber, Artillery.

Other tools: Visual Studio Code, git, Grafana.